Yud Shevat Milestones with the Rebbe ; Priceless moments of Yud Shevat Milestone years with the Rebbe, featuring never before seen footage & recollections. (Or Vechom)

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JEM’s growing content hub presents Yud Shevat with the Rebbe. A culmination of years of work, the entire archive has been uploaded and published – now to include every Yud Shevat moment captured on video, audio or photo in JEM’s Living Archive – and is accessible from any device, anywhere, on a user-friendly platform.  Click here to explore the archive.

Yud Shevat Special Presentation from JEM 

Yud Shevat 5783: Featuring Chassidim who were by the Farbrengen of 10 Shevat 5711


Yud Shevat 5782: Exploring Basi Legani


Yud Shevat Farbrengen near the Rebbe's ohel 5780

With Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor, Rabbi Asi Spiegel, Rabbi Tzvi Grunblat and Rabbi Mendel Scharf 


Seventy Years Strong - Or vechom Hahiskashrus

All Or Nothing - In honor of Yud Shevat 5781 - Rabbi Moshe New 

Part 1 - The Events during the Year of Kabolas Hanesius - The Shiva until the Shloshim 

Part 2 - The Year of Kabolas Hanesius - From the Shloshim to the First Yechidus 

Part 3 - The Year of Kabolas Hanesius - From Simchas Torah until the First Ma'amor

What is a Pan? The History and Minhogim of Writing a Pidyon Nefesh

On Writing a Pan to the Rebbe - Rabbi Avrohom Altein

How is Yud Shevat Relevant to My Life? - Rabbi Simon Jacobson