The Rebbe's Golden Chain (The Rambam Song)

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The Rambam Song (Strewn about and scatered) - CGI Detroit: Youtube | Spotify

Rambam - Choni Milecki - The great Farbi

Who was the Rambam (for kids) - By Rabbi Dovid Taub

Excerpt from My Land (JEM): Visiting the Rambam in Tiverya

Itche Kadoozy on the grand Siyum Harambam!

What If We Hunted for Jewish Treasure? - Eli, Ezzy and Dina embark on a global search to find Maimonides' stethoscope.

The Grand Siyum Harambam for kids 5779 - featuring Benny Friedman and Itche Kadoozy

The Grand Siyum Harambam for Kids 5780 - featuring Benny Friedman and Mivtza Boulevard

Lag B'omer Parade and Siyum Harambam 5782 - Incredible resource for the daily study of Sefer hamitzvos for children! Games, multiple learning styles and options, coloring sheets abnd much more!

Download the Rambam Moreh Shiur (5783): Sefer Hamitzvos

Sefer Hamitzvos for children from

Chitas For Kids: Understand and Enjoy the daily Rambam with (Sefer Hamitzvos for young children)

English & Hebrew text from Sefer Hamitzvot for Children

Sefer Hamitzvos with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan

Sefer Hamitzvos for Kids by Young Shliach Mendel Devlin! English | Yiddish

Mitzvah Minute by Rabbi Yossi Lipskar - Full Playlist | Daily Youtube Link via WhatsApp | Daily Video File

Daily Sefer Hamitzvos with Rabbi Sholom Ber Bakashi (Archive)

Apps: Chayenu | Daily Study | Chitas Guide App

Rambam Hilchos Melachim curriculum for kids - Tut Altz

The cat that waited on the king - comic - story of the Rambam

A full experience in a single packet from Tut Altz!

The Siyum-In-A-File is a full set of resources to conduct a siyum farbrengen at home with your family. This farbrengen is themed : Make Geulah Natural By Learning Chassidus Today.

Instructions | Siyum Cards | Rebbe video: Short version, Full version

The Rambam: the story of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon

Sefer Hamitzvos in English by Rabbi Berel Bell