Ever Since Yud Shevat 5779, celebrating 70 Years of the Rebbe’s Nesius, the Always Connected division of Or Vechom has been creating classes on multiple topics for community leaders to bring to the women in their communities. 

Each and every class is unique. The course material covers a variety of the Rebbe’s teachings on many different topics and themes. In general, each class is based on either a Sicha, a letter or a collection of Sichos or letters.

These workshops have been enjoyed by over 100 communities across 5 different continents. The course materials have been adapted to suit traditional women's groups, high schools, seminaries, alumni groups, and friends simply wanting to connect over learning.

We are now proud to present the "event library" containing all of our previous courses. Although the classes were curated for specific dates on the Chabad calendar, the topics are relevant all year round.

How it works:

Choose a topic from the selection below that you would like to bring to your community. (You can see more details on the topic of each class by clicking the class below.) 

Once you sign up for the class you will receive an email containing a link to a page with all of the material and any instructions that you may need. 

Each class includes a facilitator's guide for the teacher and a student guide for the participants. The facilitators guide will assist you in delivering the class. A PowerPoint presentation will also serve as a valuable resource to enhance the lesson and make it easier for participants to follow along. 

The style and structure differ from course to course and each one comes with different additional resources, we suggest you take a look at the details below and make an informed decision of what class would work for your community. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out for further information. There are so many incredible choices and we’d love to help you find the course that is the perfect fit for your community! [email protected]

We will provide you with all of the resources that you need to make this an event that will inspire and empower the women of your community.


In Response To Your Letter (Originally Produced for Yud Shevat) - 4 separate classes that are relevant year-round

Learn from the Rebbe's guidance and directives in response to burning questions asked by people with the same concerns that you and I have. The Rebbe's answers are fresh, relevant, and can easily be applied to and enrich our lives.

Themes Include: When life isn't perfect, Foundations for a Harmonious Home, Finding My Personal Calling, Can "No Plan" Really be the Better Plan?

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Touched by the Divine (Tishrei with the Rebbe)

Take a deep dive into the Rebbe’s letters about the month of Tishrei to explore  a central and critical idea. Connecting to the Rebbe and building on our Hiskashrus is the conduit through which we can receive all of the blessings and the abundant flow of energy that is available throughout the month and to channel it into the year ahead. This is most clearly seen on Rosh Hashanah - the head of the year. Enliven your spirit and arrive at each holiday prepared and inspired, guided by the timeless teachings contained in the Rebbe’s Letters.

Theme: How the Rebbe's Tishrei Fuels Our Inspiration and Joy.

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Never Alone (Lag Baomer 5744)

Class participants are invited on a 60 minute journey exploring the Rebbe’s words of eternal guidance, spoken during an electrifying Lag B’Omer parade of 5744 (1984). The talk serves as an incredible source of comfort, inspiration and guidance for these tumultuous times.

Themes Include: Guidance - What are the lenses that we need to wear to find perspective and regain our bearing in these times?, Comfort - How do we deal with the painful losses, uncertainty, and anxiety that have become a part of our reality? Inspiration - Discover and embrace opportunities for growth hidden deep within the quarantines and constant adjustments that these unusual times require.

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Always Connected (Originally made in connection with Gimmel Tammuz) - 3 Separate classes that are relevant year-round

Deepen your connection to Hashem, to the Rebbe and to your fellow Jew.

Themes Include: Hashem and Me - Explore teachings and stories about developing our relationship with Hashem, The Rebbe and Me - Refresh your perspective with ideas to nurture and invigorate your life, My people and Me - Discover the path to viewing another Yid in the most complimentary light.

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Empowered (Hiskashrus)

Empowered is a learning event based on the Rebbe’s teachings of the 12 Pesukim. Unpacking and discussing these foundational concepts will, undoubtedly, strengthen our hiskashrus and to live our lives with the values contained within the passages. While we immerse ourselves in these lessons, we will discover that the 12 pesukim - which were featured in the backdrop of Shnas HaChinuch, and were seemingly presented to children - are actually a tremendous gift that can empower all of us - children and adults alike.

Theme: Idealistic or realistic? The Rebbe's unique approach of balancing the embrace of idealism with an awareness of life's complexities.

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Emotional Beauty (Post Tishrei) - A continuation to Touched by the divine (above)

Empower your community to discover their true Feminine Power. Learn about how the unique feminine qualities of strength and pleasantness (חן) define the mission of women in Dor Hashvi'i from a special Yechidus Klolis delivered to women on Isru Chag Sukkos, 5742.

Themes Include: V’yaakov holach ledarko, The strength and grace of today’s women, Tips to develop emotional beauty.

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