In connection with the 'Always Connected - Women's Learning Events' class titled 'Emotional Beauty - Strength and Grace' we are pleased to present a plethora of resources on the Jewish Woman.



Women First - Yechidus Kloli to a group of Women at the end of Tishrei 5742 - The Rebbe describes the special power that a women has due to her natural kindness and peacefulness. Learn the Sicha: Hebrew Hanocha | English Hanocha


My Encounter: Jewish Feminism - Dr. Susan Handelman

My Encounter: A Class of their own - Mrs. Alice Zlotnick

My Encounter: Sweet Medicine - Mrs Rochel Fogelman (Hanocha)


The Rebbe’s Revolutionary Approach to Women’s Role in Judaism - So old, yet so new - By Sara Blau

Lubavitch Women's Organization: Chassidic Feminism - 1951-1953 - By Eli Rubin