New York Times reports about Siyum HaRambam 1986 

The Rambam Life & Times

Insights on Rambam - Exploring Maimonidean Thought

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"We haven't even begun" – The Rebbe's Shturem about the study of Rambam

Limud HaRambam - The Global Innitiative

The landmark Takana of Limmud HaRambam. (2)

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When and how one should learn Chitas and Rambam.

The importance of fulfilling the Rebbe's Takkonos (Tehillim, Chitas and Rambam)

Chitas and Rambam, its great merit and how it's possible for all to learn

"All the Torah in Rambam" – finishing the Torah, through learning all of Rambam

Davening for his Arival - Moshiach in Rambam

What were all About - Moshiach in Rambam and Rashi

Derher Weekly Issue #74 (the Rebbe's Shturem in Maareh Mekomos in Rambam, why Rambam and not some other Sefer, The Rebbe Studying Rambam, The History behind The Takanna)

Siyumei Rambam in Cairo, Morocco, and Tveriya.

Yoman from 20 Teves 5745


Hanachos Magazine Issue 2 (7) - Marei Mekomos L'Harambam: the Publishing of a historic Sefer & Rambam; How To: A special collection of the Rebbe's Horaos on Rambam.

Sichos on Mishenh Torah translated by a Chassidisher Derher:

"It's up to You" - Hilchos Shemita V'Yovel 13,13

"Late in the Afternoon" - Hilchos Temidin U'Musafin 1,3

"Another Man's Dishes" - Hilchos Tumas Tzara'as 9,8

"The Shortcut" - Hilchos Nizkei Mamon 5,3

"Take Resbonsibilty" - Hilchos Rotzeiach U'Shemiras Nefesh 9,2

"The Neighbor's Want" - Hilchos Malveh V'Loveh 1,1

"The Ability To Exist" - Hilchos Melachim 1,12

"Peace Now!" - Hilchos Melachim 12,4-5

"If you do it with joy, it will last" - Opening of Sefer Zmanim

"This is who he wants" - Hilchos Ishus 25,2

Pesach Sheini 5710: Following the Rebbe's Horaos is like the Takanos that Moshe established for the Yidden

Shavous 5710: Following the Rebbe's Shlichus without asking questions

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Ksav Yad - The importance of meticulously following the Rebbe's instructions.

Rebbe's letter - fulfilling the Rebbe's directives is a source for Brachos.

Rebbe's letter - the Rebbe knows best.

I told the Rebbe I will listen like a soldier and he started crying… Yechidus with Reb Dovid Deitch