Dear Educator

In honor of the joyous day of Hei Teves, we are excited to offer once again a school curriculum for Hei Teves.

The curriculum, developed in partnership with JEM, includes a Teacher's Guide, and accompanying PowerPoint presentation which includes several videos and interactive activities for you to incorporate into your lesson. 

The goal is to help you present the story of Hei Teves and its spiritual meaning in a way that is interesting and meaningful to each student, on his or her individual level. We hope this will help each student understand the message and feel the tremendous Simcha of this day.

The curriculum consists of various activities for different age groups designed for each teacher to choose to use what he or she sees fit for his or her students. 

Please see the lesson planner page for an overview of the material.

Principals can sign up here and teachers can sign up here.

Upon completing the form, you will receive an email with the links to download