Sichos on the daily Rambam: 14 documents corresponding to each of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah books each containing the phrases found in the Mishneh Torah on which the Rebbe has said Sichos. Each phrase is followed by the references to the Sicha. 

An interactive timeline from Aushreinu.App gathering all the Sichos about the Takana of Rambam throughout the years.

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The first time the Rebbe mentioned the idea of “Limud HaRambam” was on Yud Tes Kislev 5744 ( Audio). While discussing the horoah to divide up the learning of Shas amongst Chassidim as customary on Yud Tes Kislev the Rebbe said that the time has come to also study the Mishneh Torah of the Rambam. Following this, the Talmidei Hashluchim who had been sent to Morocco, a country where the Rambam himself had lived in for many years, launched a project dividing up the Mishneh Torah amongst all the Rabbonim of Morocco to be completed in honor of Yud Alef Nissan.

During the Farbrengen of Yud Alef Nissan 5744 ( Audio) the Rebbe said a Hadran on Rambam, something quite unusual of itself.

Then on Acharon Shel Pesach 5744 ( Hebrew - Muga) ( English) and subsequent Sichos at that time, the Rebbe laid out in detail the new Horoah to learn Rambam everyday introducing the now famous three learning cycles so that every Jew would be able to participate on their level.

The Rebbe also explained two fundamental reasons behind the Takonah and its importance: 1)  To foster an Achdus amongst the entire Klal Yisroel through everyone studying the same subject matter in Torah. (See also Yud Beis Sivan 5744).

2) Specifically through studying Rambam one is able to learn through all of the Mitzvos of the Torah, being that the Rambam is the only Sefer that has every Halacha pertaining to all time periods.

On the following Shabbos, Parshas Emor the Rebbe made a special farbrengen explaining that one of the reasons he was doing so was in order to bolster the “Koch” in learning Rambam.
“The world today is spiritually asleep”, the Rebbe said, “and the only way to wake it up is by making a shturem about learning Rambam.”

From the launch of Takonas Harambam for years to come the Rebbe would speak about the Rambam every time he spoke, explaining and teaching a lesson in Avodas Hashem from the daily Rambam quota. 

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Selected Sichos of the Rebbe on Limud Harambam

Collection of Sichos on the importance of Rambam - Compliled by Vaad Hatmimim

The second night of Sukkos 5746 - (don’t just learn Rambam; live it!)

Shabbos Parshas Noach 5749 - (taking a lesson from every days Rambam)

Shabbos Parshas Pinchas 5744 - (the Rebbe’s “dream” of uniting all of Klal Yisroel)

Shabbos Parshas Va’era 5748 - (the Siyum should be “Brov Am Hadras Melech”)

Yud Alef Nissan 5744 - (there can never be enough people learning Rambam)

Shabbos Parshas Tetzaveh 5748 - (don’t feel bad learning Perek Echad)

Zos Chanukah 5746 - (learning Rambam - a cure for sickness)

Lag Baomer 5745 - (making Leitzanus out of Rambam)

Shabbos Parshas Shemos 5752 - (The Rambam and Moshiach)

Shabbos Parshas Tzav 5746 - (Making Kovtzei Chidushim on Rambam

Yud Shevat 5747 - (About the book of Rambam)

Chai Elul 5744 - (Making Marei Mekoros on Rambam)

Chamisha Asar B’Shevat - (Making a Siyum)

Erev Pesach 5748 (The Rambam’s Birthday) 

Sichos in English on Mishneh Torah from A Chassidisher Derher

"It's up to You" - Hilchos Shemita V'Yovel 13,13

"Late in the Afternoon" - Hilchos Temidin U'Musafin 1,3

"Another Man's Dishes" - Hilchos Tumas Tzara'as 9,8

"The Shortcut" - Hilchos Nizkei Mamon 5,3

"Take Resbonsibilty" - Hilchos Rotzeiach U'Shemiras Nefesh 9,2

"The Neighbor's Want" - Hilchos Malveh V'Loveh 1,1

"The Ability To Exist" - Hilchos Melachim 1,12

"Peace Now!" - Hilchos Melachim 12,4-5

"If you do it with joy, it will last" - Opening of Sefer Zmanim

"This is who he wants" - Hilchos Ishus 25,2

rambam life 700 x 15012.jpg Discover the unique regard of the Rebbeim for the Rambam and his teachings, and listen to insights on his extraordinary life, as told by the Rebbe

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20 Teves Sichos

Following the launch of Mivtzah Rambam the  Rebbe farbrenged and said sichos on the Rambam's Yartzeit - Chof Teves on a number of occasions:

Chof Teves 5745 | Sichos Kodesh | Audio | English

Shabbos Yud Tes Teves 5748

Leil Chof Teves 5749 | Audio | Video

Motzei Chof Teves 5749 | Audio | Video

Motzei Chof Teves 5750 | English | Audio | Video

Shabbos Chof Alef Teves 5752 | Roshei Dvarim | English

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The Rebbe stressed many times the importance of having a grand well-publicized Siyum Harambam celebration in connection with completing the learning cycle.

In 5746 the Rebbe gave the organizers dollar notes to distribute to every participant at the Siyum and in 5749 instructed that an elegant book be printed about the Siyumim.
Every year the Rebbe would personally conduct a Siyum and say a Hadran on the Rambam.

In addition to this the Rebbe encouraged that Chassidim make regular Siyumim on the completion of every Sefer and set of Halachos of the Rambam. 

SIcha of the Rebbe regarding making the Siyum Harambam

הדרנים על הרמב"ם:

תשל"ה - י"ט כסלו, אודיו 

תשמ"ב - י"א ניסן אודיו

תשמ"ה - י"א ניסן ואחש"פ (מחזור ראשון)

תשמ"ו - ש"פ ויקהל מבה"ח אדר (מחזור שני)

תשמ"ז - יוד שבט - מוגה , אודיו (מחזור שלישי)

תשמ"ח - מבה"ח שבט (מחזור רביעי)

תשמ"ט - ש"פ ויגש, עשרה בטבת, ש"פ ויחי - מוגה , אודיו (מחזור חמישי)

תש"נ - ש"פ חיי שרה, כ"ז חשון, אנגלית (מחזור שישי)

תנש"א - לך-לך ח' חשון (מחזור שביעי)

תשנ"ב - בדר"ה, ליל שבת חוה"מ סוכות, ליל ויום שמח"ת (מחזור שמיני)