A collection of Farbrengen's available on the web related to Yud Shevat - For Or Vechom broadcasts and videos of Yud Shevat with the Rebbe, click here.

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Yud Shevat 5769 Farbrengen: G‑d's Orchard Rabbi YY Jacobson

Yud Shevat 5773 Farbrengen with Rabbi YY Jacobson

Yud Shevat 5774 | Chabad of Westchester | Rabbi Velvl Butman

Preparations for Yud Shevat 5775 - Rabbi Akiva Wagner

A Farbrengen with Rabbi Shais Taub in London celebrating Yud Shevat 5776

Farbrengen With Rabbi Groner Motzoei Shabbos Vayechi 5776 Preparation For Yud Shevat

Hachana call with Rabbis Yosef Minkowitz, Shalom Moshe Paltiel, Elkono Shmotkin, Yitzi Lowenthal & Levi Greenberg leading up to Yud Shevat 5777

A Talk to Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh Mesivta - Yud Shevat 5777 by Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Yud Shevat 5777 Farbrengen By Rabbi YY Jacobson

Yud Shevat 5778 Farbrengen - With Rabbi YY Jacobson

Farbrengen in Melbourne for Yud Shevat 5779

Yud Shevat Farbrengen 2019 at Richmond Torah Center Chabad with Rabbi Yehuda Weg

Yud Shevat (5779) Farbrengen With Rabbis YY Jacobson & Dovber Pinson

Yud Shevat 5780 - Rabbi Simon and YY Jacobson 

Yud Shevat 5780 Rabbi YY Jacobson 

Rabbi Yosef Levin 5780 

Rabbi Yosef Shusterman - what is our mission this year, Yud Shevat 5780 

Rabbi Yochanan Marozov Yud Shevat 5780 

Farbrengen & Historic Panel 5781 - Or Vechom

Lubavitcher yeshivah virtual Farbrengen for children 5781

Rabbi Berel Korf 5782

Rabbi Simon Jacobson 5782 - Becoming a Channel

Rabbi YY Jacobson 5782

Rabbi Yossi Paltiel 5782

Rabbi Moshe Levin Farbrengs Yud Shevat 5783

Farbrengen Yud Shvat, Rabbi YY Jacobson, 5783 - 2023

Yud Shevat Live Farbrengen and Lecture with Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh (w/English subtitles)

Yud Shevat with Rabbi Paltiel (5783)

Rabbi Michoel Seligson Farbrengs on Yud Shevat 5783

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Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Wolberg, Yud Shevat 5777

Rabbi Yosef Gourarie Yud Shevat 5778: part 1, part 2 and part 3

Rabbi Yosef Gourarie Yud Shevat 5779: part 1, part 2

Rabbi Dovi Abba Zalmanov 5779

Rabbi Chaim Gutnik 5748

Rabbi Leima Wilhelm 5778 

Rabbi Leibel Altein and Rabbi Leima Wilhelm 5781

Rabbi Sholom Moshe Paltiel 5782

Rabbi Leibel Altein & Rabbi Fishel Oster 5782

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan 5783

Rabbi Yosef Gourarie 5783

Rabbi Asher Farkash 5783

Rabbi Yosef Klyne 5783

R abbi Leibel Altein 5783

Rabbi Moshe Wolberg 5783

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Rabbi Shabtai Slavatiski Yud Shevat 5777 part 1, part 2 and part 3

Rabbi Avraham Maan Yud Shevat 5777 

Chaim Shalom Deitch Yud Shevat 5777 part 1, part 2 and part 3

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Deitch 5779

Rabbi Yoel Kahn Yud Shevat 5775 

Rabbi Mendel Groner - Hachanah for Yud Shevat 5781 

Rabbi Yoel Kahn Yud Gimmel Shevat 5777 part 1, part 2 and part 3

Rabbi Yoel Kahn 5779 part 1, part 2

Hachanah for Yud Shevat - Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Gurevitch: Part One, Part Two

Rabbi Menachem Debruskin Yud Shevat 5778 

Rabbi Leibel Groner 5772

Rabbi Mendel Groner in Kfar Sabba 5774

Rabbi Adin Even Yisroel in Kfar Sabba 5774

Farbrengens from Chassidus channel on YouTube Yud Shevat playlist 

Rabbi Yoel Kahn - Yud Shevat 5780 

Yud Shevat 5780 Rabbi Leima Wilhelm: Part One, Part Two

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Gurevitch - Yud Shevat 70 Years 5780 

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Deitch Yud Shevat 5780: Part One, Part Two 

Rabbi Yosef Gurary, Yud Shevat 70 Years 5780: Part One, Part Two 

Rabbi Shabtai Slavaticki 5781

Rabbi Simon Jacobson 5781

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Deitch 5781

Rabbi Mendel Groner 5781

Rabbi Yosef Hecht 5782

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Segel 5782

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Gurevitch 5782

Rabbi Asher Farkash 5782