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12 Pesukim Booklet - Judaica World

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12 Pesukim - Laminated Poster 9¼ x 17½ - Kehos

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12 Pesukim Memorizing Chart

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12 Pesukim poster for kids

Websites created to help in Mivtza Chinuch with resources to help be Mechanech your children in a Chassidishe way: CECE Network | Anash Chinuch

12 Pesukim Flash Cards -  Study the 12 Pesukim

12 Pesukim online test - Simple test to test a child’s knowledge of the 12 Pesukim

The 12 Pesukim

The 12 Pesukim talking Board Book - Judaica World

The 12 Pesukim Book - An exciting collection Of inspiring stories and practical lessons - Judaica World

You Have Power Messages for Kids Based on the 12 Pesukim. A Hachai Laminated Book by Goldie Simpson

Books on Chinuch

Teachings of the Rebbe on Chinuch

Chassidic Heritage Series: Principles of Education and Guidance (Green): The Rebbe Rayatz wrote this discourse soon after the founding of the original Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim

The Educator's Handbook: The Torah views one who teaches

Chanoch Lanaar - Ethical Will of the Rashab

HaChinuch V'haMechanech: Combining old-world techniques with modern methodology