In Iyar of 5736, the Rebbe launched Mivtza Chinuch. The Rebbe Farbrenged on three different occasions making Mivtza Chinuch an official Mivtza. The Rebbe explained that the reason for the three Farbrengens was to make a Chazoko––extra strength in Mivtza Chinuch.

On Shabbos Parshas Achreimos, Mevorchim Hachodesh Iyar the Rebbe announced ‘Shnas Hachinuch’.

Sichos Kodesh (Seif Beis)

On Alef D’Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5736, the Rebbe continued speaking about the theme of Chinuch and introduced the first six of the twelve Pesukim.

Sichos Kodesh (Seif Gimmel) | Audio

Shabbos Parshas Kedoshim 5736: Sichos Kodesh

Motzei Beis Iyar: Sichos Kodesh | Audio

During the Lag Baomer Parade, the Rebbe introduced the second half of the twelve Pesukim.

Sichos Kodesh | English Hanocha | Lahak | Audio

On Chof Gimmel Iyar in a talk to Nshei Uvnos Chabad, the Rebbe spoke about the time between Pesach Shavuos and connected it to a special lesson in the Chinuch of children.

Sichos Kodesh | Audio

A few weeks later on Yud Gimmel Tammuz the Rebbe explained the 12 Pesukim once again, adding that the children should learn the by heart and continued to encourage Chassidim in Mivtza Chinuch

Sichos Kodesh | Audio