Living Torah Videos

My Pesukim DVD - My Pesukim features the Twelve Torah Passages as recited by young boys and girls in the Rebbe's presence. The DVD offers English and Hebrew Children's Narration options and more.

A Quest for Oiz - Episode 6 The Power Of The 12 Pesukim

The Lubavitcher Rebbe's 12 Pesukim - Presented by ULY - A new music production

The Significance of the 12 Pesukim - Rabbi Mendel Rubin

The 12 Pesukim: the Rebbe’s Missions Statement for Chinuch - Rabbi Shais Taub

The 12-Step Program for the Jewish Soul - Rabbi YY Jacobson

The 12 Step Program to a Better Life - By Mendel Kaplan

Audio Class: The Story of Life in Twelve Short Chapters - By Manis Friedman

R' Ezra Shochet on the 12 Pesukim - Kinus HaTmimim HaOlami 5773