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The first of the Lag B’omer rallies ever to take place was held in the year 5703. It was this kinus, beginning with only a handful of children, which eventually developed into the famous Lag B’omer parades attended by tens of thousands of children, eventually spreading to all corners of the globe. The Rebbe Nessi Doreinu spoke for the children.

The first genuine Lag B’omer parade to ever take place was in 5716. Eastern Parkway was closed off to traffic for the occasion. From then on every year that lag Ba’omer fell out on Sunday there would be a parade.

The first time that the idea of these Lag Ba’omer prades turned global was in 5740, after the Rebbe began the “Vhashev Lev Avos Al Bonim” campaign before Pesach. A few weeks before Lag Baomer, the parades became an international endeavor and hundreds of parades were being arranged around the world.

Two Sundays before Lag B’omer, on Daled Iyar, the Rebbe gave one hundred and twenty dollar bills for 120 parades being arranged in America and thirty dollar bills for the thirty parades being organized in South America. In addition, the Rebbe sent three hundred dollars to the organizers of the central parade to take place in New York.

On the Shabbos before Lag Ba’omer, Parshas Emor, the Rebbe spoke at great length about the Rashbi, in the second Sicha the Rebbe spoke about working with Children, and gave instructions for the parades.

Sichos Kodesh (Seif Yud Ches) | English

That Lag Ba’omer parade in New York was a very special and historic parade, the Rebbe said four Sichos the last of which was entirely in Russian about Yidishkeit behind the iron curtain.

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At nine thirty that night, forty five minutes after returning from the Ohel, the Rebbe held a surprise Farbrengen and spoke among other things about the parades held in Eretz Yisroel that day. 

Sichos Kodesh | Audio | English


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