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VIDEO: Guide to Buying Tefillin and Mezuzahs on eBay, Amazon, Judaica stores, or gift shops. Rabbi Kass Sofer Center |  A guide to purchase Tefillin from

Simple Option: Purchase a pair of Tefillin with

List of Chabad Sofers to Purchase Tefillin from: Hasofer - Moshe Klein | Oraita | Machon Stam | Merkaz Stam | Hamafitz Stam Center Otzar Stam Tzfas

The Tefillin Bank! Click here to find out more. 

Tefillin Cards 

Printable Shema Cards from OrVechom

Sample PDF for Print of Tefillin Brochure from 

Personalized Tefillin Card Design from CYP

Laminated Silver Shema & Modeh Ani Card

For Shluchim

Purchase a pair of Tefillin through the Shlichus Market

Brochures:  English | Hebrew ( Mivtzoim Pushkah) |  Sample PDF for print of Tefillin Brochure from

Mivtzoim Bag - Personal carrying case for Mivtza Tefillin. Convenient to use, it contains dedicated storage compartments for Tefillin, Tzedakah Pushka, Krias Shema, and more


Social Media 

Text to go along with social media posts etc made by Shluchim (CYP) 

Pictures of Celebrities in Tefillin to share (Credit: CYP)

Videos To Share 

An exciting 1-minute video about virtual Tefillin to share

C-Teen promo video: 10 Mitzvahs to Do Now!

Tefillin for Yitzi Video

Articles to Share 

Tefillin Information: Articles from to learn about Tefillin

Six Day War Series from Derher (6 Parts) - WhatsApp friendly.


Tefillin Guide App: Google Play | Apple

Wrap App - light up the world: Google Play | Apple

Kehot Linear Siddur App: Google Play | Apple

Siddur Tehillat Hashem – Annotated Edition: Google Play | Apple

Tefillin Mirror App: Google Play 


A short video explaining what Tefillin is to share

How to put on Tefillin by Rabbi N.D. Dubov & Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Tour of what Tefillin look like and more detail how to put them on

Cut the chase: How to put it on by Zvi Drizin

Putting them on: Animation

Tefillin promo Video


Tefillin Information: Articles from to learn about Tefillin

A Guide for Shluchim on Mivtza Tefillin

Tefillin 101 - Selfie Challenge, how to get your community involved

Mivtza Tefillin all you need to know to get it done!

For C-Teen Shluchim: Encourage a C-teener to become an ambassador to Mivtza Tefillin and encourage his friend to do it!

Halacha: Mivtza Tefillin after Shkiya...  | Practical Q&A of Mivtza Teffilin - A Chassidisher Derher (P.4)

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English Books

Tefillin Booklet - A brief treatise on the performance and the significance of this important mitzvah. - Kehot

Guardian of Israel - Miracle Stories of Tefillin & Mezuzah by Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin - Kehot

Tefillin - Wrapped in Majesty, Exploring the Mystery - Rabbo Dovber Pinson - Kehot

In the light of Chassidut by Rabbi Yekutiel Green - Translation and elucidation the well-known Bar Mitzvah discourse Issa B`midrash Tillim - Kehot

Shulchan Aruch - the laws of tefillin in English - Kehot

Hebrew Books

HaTefillin B'Mishnat Chabad - The Bar Mitzvah Mammer in easy to read Hebrew and laws of Tefillin - Kehot

Shevach Yekor - What every bar mitzvah boy needs to know - Kehot

Russian Books

Tefillin by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan Explores how the Tefillin are a symbol of the unique connection between the Jews and G‑d - Kehot

Tefillin - Includes detailed and clear information on how to put on Tefillin, the prayers & blessings recited, and the benefits of the mitzvah - Kehot