FEATURED ARTICLES: "Reconnecting" – The Rebbe's launch of Mivtza Tefilllin - A Chassidisher Derher

Hebrew: Kovetz Tefillin from Vaad Talmidei Hatmim, with a detailed account of the Mivtza launch, Sichos, and much more. 

Mivtza Tefillin 

Overview on Mivtza Tefillin from Rabbi Avtzon 

Practical Q&A of Mivtza Tefillin - A Chassidisher Derher (P.4)

The Rebbe's Tefillin Campaign: A Timeline - Made for 40 years (1967-2007) -

Six Day War Series from Derher (6 Parts) 

1967 - The Six Day War and Mivtza Tefillin Launch Overview -

Tefillin (General) 

Ksav Yad - How Tefillin Cures Schizophrenia - A Chassidisher Derher

14 Tefillin Facts Every Jew Should Know By Yehuda Altein -

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37 Stories from on Tefillin

What About Tomorrow? By Moshe Feller

The Tefillin of Auschwitz 

Another Day Without Tefillin?

A Soldier's Blessing

Why Tefillin?

A Million Little Cables

Our Life-Changing Trip to Jerusalem

The Tefillin Guru: A Milwaukee Rabbi Shares his Recollections of ’67 and Beyond