Peace Upon the Land: The Six Day War and Tefillin, A short documentary (May 28, 1967) |  Peace Upon the Land from (Click  here to purchase the DVD)

ARMED from JEM:  Trailer

Tefillin - Spiritual Protection - JEM

The Tefillin of Auschwitz


Mivtza Tefillin 

The Mivtzoim Era: When Lubavitch Hit the Streets - A panel discussion on reliving the transformative years of 5733 - 5735 with Rabbis Sholom Duchman, Yosef Gerlitzky, Yosef Gopin, and Kasriel Kastel.

The Mitzvah Campaign of Tefillin By Mendel Kaplan

From a Woman's Perspective: Why only Men? By Mrs. Shifra Sharfstein

MyLifeChassidusApplied: 50 Years from the Six Day War and Mivtza Tefillin By Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Mitzvas Tefillin

7 Audio Classes on Tefillin from

Did Avraham Really do Tefillin?

Decoding the Jewish Black Boxes - Pilpul on the Passuk By Rabbi Mendel Kaplan

The Daily Blessings on the Torah By Elimelech Silberberg


How to Put on Tefillin By Rabbi N.D. Dubov & Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Tour of what Tefillin look like and more detail regarding putting them on

Cut the Chase: How to Put it on By Zvi Drizin

Putting them on (Animation)

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Lag Baomer 5727 - Launch

Heart and Mind - 18 Kislev 5728

The Rebbe Lays Out His Approach to Outreach - 13 Tammuz 5729

Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin - Purim 5736

Hashem in Tallis and Tefillin - 27 Elul 5740

The Tefillin Campaign - 10 Nissan 5743

My Encounter

The Start of a Campaign - Rabbi Chaim Jacobs

From Tennis to Tefillin - Rabbi Sholom Lipsker

The Full Picture - Mr. Bentzion Rader

How Important is it to You? - Mr. Bentzion Rader

On a Tight Schedule

Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin - Rabbi Leibel Schapiro

Self-help - Rabbi Avrohom Krashevtsky

A Second look - Rabbi Mottel Chein

Under the Tallis

The Rebbe’s Prescription for a Paralyzed Arm - Dr. Levi Reiter

Eye to Eye

Tefillin In Prison

Religious Rights in Prison

Just Checking

A Gift from the Rebbe

Campaign Results

A Month for Inspection - Elul

He Says His Mezuzas & Tefillin Are Kosher, but the Rebbe Says It Cannot Be

Timeless Moments

The Rebbe in Tallis and Tefillin - 9 Tishrei 5741