Drawing from the Rebbe’s teachings, we understand that each year on the Yom HaHilulo, the Rebbe — and everything the Rebbe achieved throughout the nesius — are elevated immeasurably higher than before. Concurrently, there is an outpouring of Hashem’s brachos and yeshuos showered upon the world on this holy day, and this impacts especially those who are connected to the Rebbe and who carry on his work.

While this is true every year, it has special significance this year. In conjunction with the Frierdiker Rebbe’s thirtieth Yom HaHilulo on Yud Shevat 5740, the Rebbe quoted and explained the words in Yechezkel “it came to pass in the thirtieth year … the heavens opened up, and I saw visions of G‑d.” Yechezkel merited the vision of the Merkava after thirty years. 

The Rebbe explained that after thirty years, a new period begins, one which is on a level that is much higher than the previous one. “Vayehi b’shloshim shana” means that the same revelation that we experience each year descends in a renewed and incomparably intense manner.

In light of this, we present a collection of resources specially created for Gimmel Tammuz Shloshim Shana. 

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