Over the course of time before, during, and after the trial over the Seforim, the Rebbe regularly referenced the Kitrug and subsequent Geulah of the Alter Rebbe on Yud Tes Kislev. This made it clear that this was not merely a legal challenge, but also a spiritual struggle over the soul of the movement, and over the very definition of what a Rebbe is. Therefore the celebration of Didan Notzach, the judge's ruling making a statement to the world about the nature of a Rebbe and the vitality of Lubavitch, is especially relevant to our everyday Avoda and Hiskashrus with the Rebbe.

In this spirit, Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus is pleased to present a video series, exploring the story of Hei Teves and the timeless lessons we can learn from it, through the views of prominent Shluchim and Mashpi’im, to assist Chassidim of all ages in preparing for this most special day.

The Rebbe established Hei Teves as a Yom Segulah and Eis Ratzon, even expressing gratitude to the guests and well-wishers who celebrated during the first year in 5747. Partaking in the celebration and preparation of this day certainly brings the Rebbe much Nachas.



Video 1 - Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf: "Such a Simcha, I don’t recall in all my years"

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf recounts the significant impact the Seforim trial had on Chassidim and beyond, emphasizing that it wasn't merely a dispute about Seforim but a direct affront to the Nesios of the Rebbe. Explaining the deep emotional connection Chassidim had to the trial, Rabbi Wolf describes the tremendous joy felt upon hearing the news of Didan Notzach, “There was a tremendous feeling of Simcha by Chassidim, which I don't recall in all my years since I was a child.”


Video 2 - Rabbi Shmuel Lew: "What is Hei Teves?"

Rabbi Shmuel Lew describes the specialness of Hei Teves, suggesting that it is, "The Yomtov that gives the power to all the other Yomim Tovim of Dor Hashvi'i” and a day that "gives us the power to be able to attach ourselves to the Rebbe and his teachings."


Video 3 - Rabbi Moshe New: The Deeper Cause for Celebration

Rabbi Moshe New of the Montreal Torah Center, delves into the deeper cause for celebration on the day of Hei Teves, emphasizing our connection with the Rebbe expressed through it.


Video 4 - Rabbi Mendel Kaplan: "What Hei Teves Means To Us."

In the fourth installment of a new series from Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus to help Chassidim prepare and celebrate the day of Hei Teves through exploring the story of the trial and the timeless lessons we can learn from it, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan talks about his personal experience and thoughts from hearing the Rebbe’s Sichos throughout the trial period as a young Bochur and what Hei Teves means to us as Chassidim.