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What happened on Yud Gimmel Kislev 5746?

During the case with the Seforim during the years 5746/7, the opposing side claimed that the Rebbe himself should give testimony CH”V (their reasoning was obvious, since in such a situation they would be able to ask the Rebbe any questions they wanted, regarding the Rebbe’s Nesius etc. with much Chutzpah).

Yud Gimmel Kislev 5746 (November 26) was the day that the judge was supposed to decide if the Rebbe had to go to court or not.

This day was established by the Chavrei Hakolel for a fast day and saying Tehilim. From early morning, 770 was already filled with Anash and T’mimim which were saying Tehilim. The general feeling was unbearable.

The Rebbe told the lawyers that the Rebbe is the spiritual leader of Chabad, and is not in charge of physical things, and since we’re dealing with physical property which is connected with Chabad, the spiritual party doesn’t have to do with this, and therefore there is no reason why testimony especially from a spiritual leader, would help clarify this issue.

Dr. Weis who is titled “the Rebbe’s doctor” was one of the witnesses who achieved that the Rebbe shouldn’t have to go to court to testify. He testified that since the Rebbe went through a severe heart attack in Tishrei 5738, it’s not advisable for the Rebbe to go to court to speak about things which cause the Rebbe lots of distress.

It’s told over that in connection with Yud Gimmel Kislev the Rebbe expressed himself saying, מ'דארף טראכטן ווי וועלן די בחורים אויפנעמען אזא זאך - it has to be thought about what the Bochurim will say about this.

The efforts pulled through, and in the afternoon it was ruled in the Federal court of
America that “the king doesn’t testify” - the Rebbe doesn’t have to testify in court
concerning the Seforim!

Shortly afterwards the news spread in 770 and the joy was incredible. That night Rabbi Avremel Shemtov Farbrenged in the small Zal upstairs in 770 with the T’mimim, and the feeling was amazing, the feeling was that “this is the first step to victory”.

One of the Chassidim R. Yisroel Duchman A”H composed a Niggun in connection day the with the words - "יכירו וידעו כל יושבי תבל וואס איז געטראפן אף י"ג כסלו - the entire world should recognize what had happened on Yud Gimmel Kislev.”

That day the lawyers spoke to the Rebbe for about two hours in the library. The Rebbe said that by the Frierdiker Rebbe there is no such thing as “inheritance” since he is still with us. Also in the course of that conversation the lawyer asked the Rebbe to whom does the Rebbe refer to, when saying  "Nosi Doreinu," the Rebbe pointed with his holy hand to himself... the Rebbe also told them, that they should work like lawyers not like Chassidim (“how it seems to you”). The Rebbe went to his office and shortly afterwards returned, and the Rebbe repeated his words, that everything should be done through nature, and the Rebbe added, "But it should be in a way that I should win over your knowledge.”

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