Rabbi Yitzchok Goldshmidt Relates…

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Then, throughout the month of Kislev, the Rebbe started to push for an increase in simcha to combat the “darkness.” The Rebbe’s call was so forceful and strong, and alongside the pain, the Rebbe exuded an immense sense of simcha. We all understood that it was part of the battle against evil. 

The truth is, it was a bit difficult to bring ourselves to rejoice. The atmosphere in 770 was raw and at times even somewhat frightening. When we heard that the Rebbe might have to testify in court, everyone realized how serious the situation is and we davened and fasted that such a chilul Hashem should not come to be, chas v’shalom. For a full week, we woke up every day at 6:00 in the morning and recited the entire Tehillim. The situation was serious. 

But at the same time, we were increasing in simcha in every possible way. We farbrenged often. We started singing every time the Rebbe came in and out of shul—something that was not done at all before that time. When the Rebbe used to go home after Maariv, we often continued the dancing outside 770 for a while. The Rebbe wanted simcha and we were determined to fulfill his wish. 

One of the people who had a great impact on us and helped us understand what was going on was our mashpia, Reb Shlomo Zarchi. Later, when the court case began, he would go to the court house every day to see and hear the proceedings. He sat with us and had long conversations, explaining how important this is to the Rebbe and how critical the situation is. 

Looking back, it feels as though throughout that time, we developed a personal connection with the Rebbe. Living through a period of time watching the Rebbe go to the Ohel every day, and staying there for so long, hours at a time, and coming back so late; all these things made a great impact on us. All we wanted was that whatever the Rebbe wished should be fulfilled and that the Rebbe should be happy with no more pain and agmas nefesh. 

I remember how anxious we felt on the morning of Yud-Gimmel Kislev, when the court was going to determine whether the Rebbe would have to testify. It felt like Tisha B’Av. The atmosphere was so serious. Then, all of a sudden we received the news that “Didan notzach!” The Rebbe would not have to testify! The simcha was out of this world!