Watching a farbrengen is the best way to re-live Chof Av with the Rebbe. JEM published three Chof Av farbrengens with subtitles in Yiddish, English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.

Yeshivos, communities, shluchim, and high schools often screen part of or a complete farbrengen leading up to a yomei d'pagra. Experience has shown that putting in effort in the preparation and set-up of the event has a great affect. Click here for a collection of tips (geared to a yeshiva environment).

Click here to watch Rabbi Tzvi Grunblat explain the importance of watching a farbrengen of the Rebbe.

Click here for links to watch the Farbrengens and material to enhance the public screening of the Farbrengen

Host a community Farbrengen!

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  • Browse dozens of videos to be played at the Farbrengen on our videos page.


During this month of Av, on or around 20 Av, the anniversary of passing of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, father of the Rebbe, of righteous memory, there is a beautiful tradition in Chabad called Yarchei Kallah.

Yarchei Kallah literally means “months of the bride,” thus named because the Torah is considered the bride of the Jewish people. These gatherings were held twice a year in Babylonia and provided a chance for those who were ordinarily occupied by agriculture to devote themselves to Torah study.

Since 1974, encouraged by the Rebbe, many have held a weekend Yarchei Kallah convocation on the grounds of Camp Gan Israel in upstate New York. During the course of the gathering, leading rabbinic leaders—including chief rabbis of various countries, deans of yeshivahs, and halachic experts—present advanced Torah topics, explore the interface between Jewish law and contemporary society, and delve into the nuances of Talmud. Many other communities make smaller, similar Yarchei Kallah at other times of year.

Click here to download a guide to host your HAKHEL Yarchei Kallah