The Rebbe Farbrenged every year on Chof Av. After 5748, when the Rebbe stopped Farbrenging on weekdays, he instead said a Sicha on Chof Av.

The Rebbe would make a Siyum or Hadran every year, except for when it fell out on Shabbos. When Chof Av was on Shabbos, the Rebbe often said a Maamar at the Farbrengen as well. (In 5737, the Rebbe said a Maamar at the Chof Av Farbrengen even though it was during the week.)

Many times, campers from Gan Yisroel would attend the Farbrengen, dressed in their camp shirts. The Rebbe would address them, and ask them to start a Niggun.

We are pleased to share a convenient collection of all the material available on these Farbrengens, including, PDFs of the Farbrengen in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English, Recording of the Farbrengens in Audio and Video format, edited Sichos from Likkutei Sichos from these Farbrengens and much more! If you notice anything missing, please contact us.

Selected Content:

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  • A Kovetz from Vaad Hatmimim with pieces of Reb Leviks Torah with the Rebbe's explanations, the Rebbe's Farbrengen and Mishnayos.
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