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Tzedakah Boxes 

CYP: Pushka Drop resources

Pushkah options - Credit CYP

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Tzedaka Box resources from the Shluchim Services

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Resources from Mivtzoyim Pushkah | Leather style Pushka | Brochures | Hebrew Tzedakah Brochure

The Pushkah campaign from the Shluchim Office 


Encourage a C-Teener to become an ambassador to Mivtza Tzedakah and encourage his friends to join as well!

CAMPAIGN: A double impact:  the Rebbe’s heartfelt suggestion to give Tzedaka when reciting Tehillim: |  Share the campaign |  Share on WhatsApp |  Share with kids | to find out more log onto

Mivtza Tzedaka Guide from the Shluchim Office - PDF

Videos to Share

The Deed: Tzedakah - Charity More Than A Charitable Act

10 Facts to Know About Tzedakah (Charity): - By Menachem Posner and Shalom Goodman

Eight levels of Charity Video - Promo nice to share

Articles to Share 

Tzedakah Handbook: How, How Much, When, and Why to Give Charity

Tzedakah Questions & Answers

The Tzedakah (Charity) Box: Pushkah Power By Tzvi Freeman

Everything you wanted to know about Tzedakah


Class by JLI book for purchase at Amazon: The Jewish Value of Giving

Halacha: Fundraising from “Baalei Batim” of other Shluchim


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