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VIDEO: Guide to Buying Tefillin and Mezuzahs on eBay, Amazon, Judaica stores, or gift shops. Rabbi Kass Sofer Center

List of Chabad Sofers to purchase Mezuzos from: Hasofer - Moshe Klein | Oraita | Machon Stam | Merkaz Stam | Hamafitz Stam Center | Otzar Stam tzfas |

Mezuzah items from Shluchim Services


Decorative, Ceramic, Classic Mezuzah Cases

For Shluchim 

Mivtzoyim Brochures from English | Hebrew


Mezuza It Forward promo Video |  About the Mezuzah-it-forward campaign (From CYP) |

For C-Teen Shluchim:  Encourage a C-tenner to become an Ambassador to Mivtza Mezuzah and share it with their friends

Mezuzah Brochure from the Shluchim Office PDF 

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Instagram Story template for Mivtza Mezuzah

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120K Banana, Mezuzah Parody

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Mezuzah Security System

Mivtza Mezuzah Overview - Rabbi Ari Solish

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How to Hang a Mezuzah

What is a Mezuzah?

Insights on Mezuzah - A collection of readings, stories and essays about the significance of the Mezuzah - From

16 Facts everybody should know about Mezuzah -


Pointers/Sources for a lesson on the Mezuzah: PDF | Publisher

Pointers for a children’s lesson on the Mezuzah: PDF | Publisher

Quick Vort to say while putting up a Mezuzah

Overview on Mivtza Mezuzah from Rabbi Avtzon

Are you a shliach in a small town wishing you could check mezuzahs yourself instead of sending them off to the nearest Jewish city to be checked?

Halacha: Mezuzah for Jewish Children in the home of non-Jewish Father…

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Mezuzah - A brief treatise on the significance of this important Mitzvah of affixing a Mezuza to our doorposts.

Mezuzah: Divine Protection & Blessing (Bressman) - This sefer covers every topic related to the mitzvah of mezuzah

Guardian of Israel - Miracle Stories of Tefillin & Mezuzah