Mivtza Mezuzah 

Overview on Mivtza Mezuzah from Rabbi Avtzon 

When the Rebbe empowered soldiers - Spiritual and Practical Security

Mezuzah (General) 

What is a Mezuzah?

Insights on Mezuzah - A collection of readings, stories and essays about the significance of the mezuzah. From

16 Mezuzah facts everybody should know -

Why is a Mezuzah slanted?


Searching for a Motive - A Rav speaks to the Rebbe about Mezuzah - JEM

"A Mezuza and a City" – Rabbi Leibel Rabinovitch (Ashkelon, Eretz Yisroel)

Mezuzah and Shabbos 

Specia Forces - Dr. Danzinger

A 9/11 Miracle and the Power of ‘Mezuzah’ - As told to Sofya Sara Esther Tamarkin

Weeping Beside the Mezuzah at UCLA - By Yerachmiel Tilles

The 'Case' of the Scandalous Mezuzah - By Jeffrey D. Land

When Hadrian’s Guards Succumbed to the Mezuzah - By Nissan Mindel

Mezuzah Cure - By Miriam Goodman

The Ultimate Home Security System - By Ellen Resnick

What Happened When I Decided to Check My Mezuzahs - By Menachem Posner