Touched by the Divine - Tishrei with the Rebbe

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    Resources for Nshei Chabad virtual event 

    Event info: Community interactive Zoom or in person event. Use prepared curriculum and invite a facilitator to present the class. Add a personal touch by inviting someone to share a personal story with the Rebbe. 

    Suggested time:  18 - 26 Elul (September 7 - 15) 

    Theme: Touched by the Divine  The Rebbe's Gift for Your Tishrei

    How the Rebbe's Tishrei Fuels Our Inspiration and Joy

    Join women from around the world for an inspirational and interactive learning event in preparation for the special month of Tishrei by studying the Rebbe's words and message for these important days.

    Fascinating Excerpts | Engaging Videos | Thought-provoking Discussions

    Event goal:  Enliven your spirit as we examine several letters of the Rebbe on the importance of Tishrei in a spiritual sense and how connecting to the Rebbe during Tishrei enables us to connect spiritually and receive all the brachos and get a taste on how this can be practically applied to our Rosh Hashona today.

    Facilitators:  There is a list of available Guest Facilitators you can contact for your community event. We also encourage using local Shluchos/Mechanchos to lead the discussions.  

    Resources available upon registering:

    --Customizable Flyer 
    --Facilitator's Guide
    --Student Guide
    --Ideas to to interact with participants throughout the event
    --List of suggested facilitators ($100 fee to be paid directly to facilitator)
    --A list of women who will share a personal story to lend another dimension to the program
    --Meeting for organizers ahead of the event offering Zoom and other practical advice
    --Meeting for facilitators ahead of the event

    --Network with community leaders from around the world bringing this event to their city
    --Branded post card
    --Sample google form to personalize for your community

    NEW!  Spiritual guide for Tishrei: A booklet that can be shared with all participants with prepared insight for each Yom Tov, including: letter of the Rebbe, related stories and reading for follow up throughout the month

    NEW!  Video class will be be shared based on the material for each Yom Tov for you to share with your community

    For any questions or comments please email [email protected] 
    For questions about the material, message: 248-255-2451

  • Touched by the Divine

  • As soon as you select and confirm your facilitator, please update us on WhatsApp or email. 

  • Please help us defray the costs of this program and ensure that we can continue creating additional resources throughout the year

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