Always Connected - Hachana for Gimmel Tammuz

  • Always Connected - Hachana for Gimmel Tammuz

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    Resources for Nshei Chabad virtual event 

    Event info: Community interactive Zoom Event

    Suggested time:  Week of 22-29 Sivan (June 14-21) 

    Theme: Always Connected
    Deepen your connection to Hashem, to the Rebbe and to your fellow Jew

    Please join us for an inspirational and interactive Hachana for Gimmel Tammuz by studying the Rebbe's words.

    Fascinating Excerpts | Engaging Videos | Thought-provoking Discussions

    Discussion Options - breakout rooms:

    Hashem and Me - "נאר דיך אליין"
    "I wish my relationship with Hashem was more tangible and not so abstract"

    Explore teachings and stories about developing our relationship with Hashem.

    My Rebbe and Me - “הנשיא הוא הכל”
    "What if I don't have that strong feeling of Hiskashrus that I so admire in others?"

    Refresh your perspective with ideas to nurture and invigorate your experience.

    My People and Me - “כמוך ממש”
    Do you get irritated by arrogant and annoying people in your life?

    Discover the path to viewing another Yid in the best light.

    Facilitators:  There is a list of available Guest Facilitators you can contact for your community event. We also encourage using local mechanchos to lead the discussions.  

    Resources available:
    --Customizable Flyer 
    --Facilitator's Guide
    --Student Guide
    --PowerPoint to use as discussion guide throughout the zoom event
    --Ideas to to interact with participants throughout the event
    --List of suggested facilitators ($100)
    --Clear instructions on how to register and make breakout rooms successful
    --Suggested care package list
    --Branded post card
    --Meeting for facilitators ahead of the event
    --Sample google form to personalize for your community
    --Meeting for organizers ahead of the event offering Zoom and other practical advice

    For any questions or comments please email [email protected] 
    For technical questions, message: 248-773-9185
    For questions about the material, message: 248-255-2451

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