On Motzei Tisha b'Av 5744, the Rebbe added a note to many of the letters sent out that day, saying that in a few days will be the 40th Yartzeit of his father, and the Rebbe said:

"ועלי החוב והזכות גדול, להציע ולבקש וכו' - ללמוד בהתועדות בתורתו, ולנדב ביומא דין לז"נ [לזכר נשמתו]"

Below are some links that may be helpful in fulfilling the Rebbe's request:

ללמוד מתורתו

There are many tools to learn the Rebbe's fathers Torah:

ללמוד בהתועדות מתורתו


The Rebbe set up a special fund "Keren Levi Yitzchock" for which he would make an appeal during every Chof Av Farbrengen. The fund provides short term loans to school teachers. 


Many have the custom to learn Perakim of Mishnayus that start with the letters of the Rebbe's fathers name.