We are excited to once again offer a curriculum for Chof Ches Sivan. This curriculum can be used in two ways; it can be either done in a classroom as a lesson or printed out as a walkthrough/story trail.

The curriculum consists of two parts:

  • The Miraculous Journey- Telling the story of the Rebbe and Rebbitzen's travels through Europe coming to America. This will be a video with narration for children. 
  • "Chatzi Kador Hatachton" - Explaining the deeper meaning of the Rebbe's coming to America and of Chabad establishing itself on the "lower part of the world" America. This section will be presented by the children.

Upon completion of this form, you will receive an email shortly with the links to download. Please download them promptly.


Morah Music: Chassdish Moments - Chof Ches Sivan

Morah Music: Chassidish Moments 2 - Chof Ches Sivan


Benny Zaklikowski Explains the 28th of Sivan for kids