Gimmel Tammuz Curriculum Sign Up Form for Principals

  • B"H

    Dear Principal,

    As your school prepares to mark twenty-five years since Gimmel Tammuz, surely you are looking for innovative ways to teach your students about the Rebbe; how to connect with him and stay focused on the mission he gave us.

    For many educators, it can be challenging to find an organized age-appropriate plan to give a pointed overview of these important subjects.

    To this end, we are pleased to announce the release of a curriculum that will give teachers an engaging framework to teach these important subjects to their students.

    This curriculum is a project of Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus, in partnership with Jewish Educational Media. It follows the curriculums released for Hei Teves, Chof-Beis Shevat and Yud-Daled Kislev in recent years -- which, Boruch Hashem, were enthusiastically received in over 120 schools worldwide and translated into three languages.

    The three week program is titled: 

    דור השביעי  
    Our Rebbe. Our Mission. Our Connection.

    Each week will cover one of the above topics, and will include:

    • A 45 minute lesson to be taught on Monday that consists of:

      • Detailed Teacher’s Guide 

      • Animated Video

      • Interactive Activity 

      • Short Video Clips of the Rebbe speaking about the topic 

      • PowerPoint Presentation to accompany the lesson

    • For each of the following days of the week there will be a short 5-8 minute follow-up lesson to continue expounding on that week’s topic and different "Missions” for students to do in relation to the lesson.

  • After signing up you will IYH receive a email with the material within a few hours.

    Please to do not share the curriculum with any educator outside of your school.

  • Payment

  • Much time, resources and efforts went into producing this curriculum. A contribution from your school will help cover the costs and enable production of future curriculums.

    Based on how many students will be benefiting from it and which option you chose, we suggest a contribution between $36 - $200. (We suggest $36-$136 for the shorter version and $50 -$200 for the longer version.) We appreciate your partnership!

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