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Since the beginning of the Rebbe’s Nesius the Rebbe was encouraging the Bochurim to go out to different Shuls around Crown Heights to spread the teachings of Chassidus.

The first year that an official Tahalucha was done on Pesach and Shavuos was the year 5715.

The custom was that once the Bochurim would return from Tahalucha they would enter Gan Eden Hatachton and begin to dance and sing with great joy, Rabbi Chodakov would enter the Rebbe’s room to inform him that the Bochurim have returned and the Rebbe would come out to give the Bochurim a quick Brocha.

One year when the Bochurim were singing the Niggun ‘Hop Kozak’, the Rebbe said that since their singing this Niggun they should jump and dance right into the Geulah.

On the other hand, the Tahalucha on Simchas Torah was mainly to add joy to the Shuls Hakafos. The Rebbe greatly appreciated those who would go on Tahalucha on Simchas Torah, as the Rebbe once explained, that those who go then miss the opportunity to be by the Rebbe’s Farbrengen before the Hakafos.

The Rebbe would often devote a Sicha to those who went on the Rebbe’s Tahalucha by the Farbrengen the next day.

Over the year the Rebbe continued to express his pleasure from the Tahaluchos. The Rebbe would stand by the door of 770 watching and encouraging all the Chassidim as they would march by signing on the way to Tahalucha. Occasionally the Rebbe would be outside to greet the Bochurim as well.

The first time that Tahalucha was mentioned by the Rebbe, was on Shavuos 5715 by the Farbrengen, the Rebbe thanked the new Moisad - Tzach for organizing the Tahalucha and said that anyone who participated should say L’chaim. 

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In 5751 on both Pesach and Shavuos something extraordinary happened, the Rebbe after greeting the Chassidim upon their return from Tahalucha said a Sicha outside 770.


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