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Mivtzoyim Brochures from English | Hebrew ( Hebrew Guide to Kashrus) | Mivtzoim Guide PDF


Encourage a C-Teener to become an ambassador to Mivtza Kashrus!

Is it Kosher? Join a Mivtza Kashrus WhatsApp group for questions on the kashrus of Products

Kashrus: Be In The Know - Kashrus awareness, knowledge of basic Halacha, as well as important information regarding how foods are made and processed

Find recipes on your favorite Kosher foods!

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Short Overview on Mivtza Kashrus

Spiritual Fitness: Kosher foods By Tzvi Freeman

Judaism and the Art of Eating By Yisrael Rice

Kosher Info: Looking to learn the ins and outs of kosher? We’ve got lots of info on kosher kitchens, kosher dining, kosher meat, kosher considerations… kosher everything

Kosher Essays: Looking to dig deeper into the mystical underpinnings of kosher observance? This is the spot for advanced information and inspiration.

Learn all about the blessings we make on food

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Promo Video: What is Kosher? (



CYP: Class for Shluchim to give on Kashrus - Is Clean Meat Kosher?

Kosher Kitchen Lesson prepared to be given to your community: Part One, Part Two

Kashrut. Symplified – A series of lectures exploring the meaning and practices of Kosher - Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff

Kosher class outline - Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff

Kosher Uncovered: Course on Kashrus from


GUIDE: How to make your home Kosher - Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff

GUIDE: Step by Step Guide to Koshering your Kitchen - Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff

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Shluchim Questions: All questions on Kashrus | Is a Shlucha allowed to do a cooking demo or interview on the local news station?  |  What products may one buy in a remote place, like India, without a Hechsher? Pasta? Rice? what about produce? like nuts or spices?

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Going Kosher in 30 Days - Going Kosher In 30 Days will teach the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher all the whys and hows of kosher.

Going Kosher in 30 Days, Pocket Edition

The Laws of Cooking on Shabbos: A summary of the laws of bishul following the rulings of the Rebbeim of Chabad

Spice And Spirit - The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook

Body and Soul - Handbook for Kosher Living - Russian