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Daily broadcast of a letter from the Rebbe in Hebrew and English. Click here to subscribe or message +1 513-399-7916

Daily letter from the Rebbe in Hebrew by Or Hachssidus. Click here to join. Admin only group.

A daily dose of guidance from letters of the Rebbe in regards to Emunah, Bitachon, Simcha and tools to overcome challenges in life. Click here to join. Admin only group.

App by Or Hachassidus which has daily a letter as well as a Sicha on the Parsha.

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"Guidance for Life" – Exploring the Rebbe's Igros Kodesh by A Chassidisher Derher

"Fresh Waters" – A look into the new volumes (31 – 32) of the Rebbe's Igros by A Chassidisher Derher

37 select letters. Search for ‘letter’ on the Chassidisher Derher  index

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I will write it in their hearts - 8 volumes - Most of the letters of vol. 1- 4 of Igros Kodesh translated by Sichos in English

Seforim by topic online

In Good Hands - 100 Letters and sichos on Bitachon

Healthy in Body Mind & Spirit - Follow the Rebbe's prescription for health with this wide-ranging collection of letters and sichos on maintaining mental well-being. (link to purchase set)

Eternal Joy - From arranging a match to the wedding day, the Rebbe's letters on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to Shidduchim and marriage continue to guide us.

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Art of Living 12 CD set - Navigate through the rough seas of daily living with chassidic philosopher, author, and educator Rabbi Manis Friedman.


Set or individual from Kehos

Darkei HaChasidus - Inyonim

Bayit Meushar

Professor Green, Shalom Uvrachah

Igrot Melech - 2 volume set - out of stock

Igrot Kodesh Rebbe, Meturgamot


To the Sons and Daughters of Our People Israel, Everywhere - Letters by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on the Jewish Festivals - 2 volume set

I Believe - Letters by the Rebbe on Faith - Compiled by: Rabbi Ze'ev Ritterman

Happy Home

Eternal Joy - 3 Volume set

In Good Hands 

Advice for Life - Daily Life H/C


Letters From The Lubavitcher Rebbe - Russian


Igros Kodesh Rebbe 7 volumes set - French (Iguerot Kodesh 7 Volumes)


Rebbe's Advice - Consejos del Rebe - Spanish