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יום הבהיר כ"ח סיון

יום ההילולא ג' תמוז

שכבר נקבע ע״י רבים מישראל ליום התוועדות וקבלת החלטות טובות

אנ"ש תלמידי התמימים יחיו, התעוררו נא ובאו לחצרות ה', בבתי כנסיות ובתי מדרשות, אל התפלה ואל למודי השיעורים ברבים, והתוועדו באהבת רעים

The great day of 28 Sivan - the day that our dear Rebbe and Rebbetzin arrived safely on the shores of the United States - is celebrated by men, women and children among the family of Chassidim worldwide in gratitude to Hashem for the miracle of this day and for the dawn of a new era in the dissemination of Torah and Chassidus, preparing the world for Moshiach!

“Anash and yeshiva students, be stirred and gather in the Shuls and Yeshivas, for prayer, public study and Farbrengens of brotherly love…”

- Shevat 5711





6 Hours. 6 Continents.

An inspiring international Farbrengen webcast spanning every continent, led by Chassidim reflecting on the Rebbe’s impact on their own personal life journey and on their corner of the globe.

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Worldwide Community Farbrengens

The families of Anash gather in their communities around the world, to celebrate this Yomtov, prepare for the holy day of Gimmel Tammuz and strengthen our Hiskashrus through a Chassidishe Farbrengen of Inspiration and Hachlotos Tovos.

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Hisvaadus Chassidim at the Ohel

Marking this day according to the Rebbe’s instruction in the year that this Yomtov was first “discovered” and celebrated: with a Farbrengen in the holy Daled Amos. 

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International Kol Koreh - “Call to Action!”

In excited anticipation for this year’s milestone 80th anniversary of 28 Sivan, leading rabbonim and mashpi’im from Anash communities worldwide have issued a call to action.

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Transportation to the Ohel

Throughout the 24 hours of the auspicious day of Chof Ches Sivan, subsidized bus transportation will be provided to those who wish to be at the Ohel.

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School Curriculums for Lubavitch Schools

“Why is today a Chassidishe Yom Tov? Let’s try to find out…” For every important day on the Chabad calendar, Vaad Or Vechom provides a curriculum of engaging learning experiences for children to foster a deeper understanding of the need for a Rebbe, and the relevance the Rebbe plays in their everyday life.

Click here to sign up for the Chof Ches Sivan Curriculum 

Click here for a sample of the Chof Ches Sivan Curriculum 

Click here to sign up for the Gimmel Tammuz Curriculum


“Empowered” - Women’s Learning Initiative

Thousands of women throughout the world are preparing for Gimmel Tammuz with ‘Empowered’ events, a program which aims to explore the Rebbe’s unique approach to living idealistically while remaining realistic to life’s complexity and challenges.

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Click here for resources on the 12 Pesukim 


Resources and Materials

A plethora of resources - Maamorim, Sichos, Videos, Audio, Articles, Curriculum, Mini-Sites and more - to help you, your family, your school and your community learn about and mark the Yomei D’Pagra in the best way possible.

Click here for a plethora of resources on Chof Ches Sivan 

Click here for a plethora of resources on Gimmel Tammuz 


Global Digital Inspiration

Short video clips providing context, recollections and inspiration about this incredible moment in the history of Chassidim and of the entire Jewish world.

Click here to watch videos made in connection with Chof Ches Sivan - 80 Years 


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