As we approach Gimmel Tammuz – 30 years, and Shluchim and community leaders are searching for ways to uplift their communities in connection with this special time, Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus is pleased to present a curated list of speakers who have made themselves available for community events about the Rebbe over the weeks leading up to and following Gimmel Tammuz. 

Having a guest speaker address your community, can significantly enhance your local event. A new face can attract a wider audience and excite your community.

We hope to add more names to this list. Contact us here about any additional speaker ideas you might have.










It might be worthwhile to go beyond your usual mosad or constituents to have a broader conversation about the Rebbe in your community.

Thus, it might have wider appeal, and perhaps also greater ability to pull in others in leadership and planning, if you arrange an event not only at your Chabad House, but (either in addition to your own, or instead of your own) where possible, at a local JCC, Young Israel, etc.

One scenario: Identify a local Jewish organization (e.g., JCC, YI, etc.) where you have a good relationship, or where a supporter of yours is also involved, and have them (the supporter, or board member of another organization) raise the idea of them organizing an event to reflect on the Rebbe l’kavod Gimmel Tammuz.

The resultant event can either be co-sponsored or formally independently organized by the organization you are working with.