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Shulem Lemmer

We are producing a tour with Shulem Lemmer in the weeks surrounding Gimmel Tammuz.

This is a unique opportunity to bring Shulem Lemmer and a nice 3-4-piece band to your Gimmel Tammuz 30 Years events for a special package price. 

This could pair well with a speaker/guest farbrenger to create a magical evening about the Rebbe for your community. (We are in touch with a couple of speakers to secure better pricing as well if you are interested.)

Limited dates available.

If you are interested in adding your town to the tour, please reach out to Chaim Zippel at (801) 674-4566.


Shlomo Gleyzer

In honor of the Rebbe's 30th Yahrtzeit Shlomo will be visiting Chabad centers across the USA and Canada and will g-d willing perform up to 30 free* tribute concerts. Straight off the release of "Flying Colors" an album inspired by the Rebbe's teachings of the concept of victory, Shlomo is not only bringing his music but also sharing the profound stories and inspirations behind each song. In these challenging times the message of victory is needed more than ever. Each song will provide inspiration and insight into the transformative power of the Rebbe's teachings and perspectives of how to live victory and how to be victorious.

Book Shlomo by emailing [email protected] or Whatsapp (845) 825-6125.

*Terms and conditions apply.