As Chassidim around the world seek ways to prepare for this special time, Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus presents a special collection of Sichos and Michtovim titled "Hilulo D'vayehi B'shloshim Shana." The collection consists of Sichos and Michtovim highlighting the "Shturem" the Rebbe created in connection with thirty-year milestones of any date or event in general, and specifically in connection with the day of the Hilulo.




Click here for the Sicha where the Rebbe discusses Shloshim Shana.

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SUBTITLED SICHOS: Split at the Sea - G‑d’s miracles are all around us, but all one sees is the natural order. As soon as you take the dive into the depths of Godly reality, however, you immediately see G‑d’s hand. ( | No Matter Where You May Roam - Yitro, a priest, came from the darkness of idolatry to the recognition of God's greatness. A preparation for the giving of the Torah. (