“One should always look at the world as equally balanced between good and bad . . a single good deed can tip the balance for good—for him and the entire universe.” - Rambam, Hilchos Teshuvah Perek Gimmel.

Citing the above-quoted Rambam, the Rebbe would often encourage Chassidim to partake in “the mission of our generation” — to reach out to another Yid and to add another Mitzvah to his life and, thereby, to the entire world.

This mission is feasible for every Chossid, no matter your age, personality, or occupation.

The Rebbe explained that just as the atom bomb can destroy the entire world with the push of a button, so too, one extra Mitzvah can better the entire world and prepare it for Moshiach.

We find all throughout Toras Menachem beginning from 5710, that the Rebbe would Farbreng about being Mekarev a friend, often making Chasidim take Hachlatos to do so. Most notably, Simchas Torah and Yud Tes Kislev of 5711.

The very first Mitzvah campaign began in the early years of the Rebbe’s leadership, on Sukkos 5714 (1953). That year, as you can hear in this audio, the Rebbe encouraged Chassidim to offer Yidden the opportunity to shake the Daled Minim. Indeed, many Chassidim went on Mivtzoim that year,  as recorded in the Duch that was presented to the Rebbe after Yom Tov.

Although the Rebbe launched many initiatives over the years, a unique focus was placed on 10 “Mitzvos for beginners.” These, over time, became identified as the “10 Mivtzoim.”

The Mivtzoim came gradually. The first one, Mivtza Tefillin, was launched in the spring of 5727 (1966), in the days preceding the Six Day  War. The Rebbe explained that Tefillin would be of special merit for the soldiers and the entire population of Eretz Yisrael.

The second campaign, Mivtza Torah, was launched in the winter of 5731 (1971). The others, eight more, were launched over the years of 5734 (1974)—5736 (1976).

The Rebbe’s instructions are clear. We know our mission, and we know what we need to do. 

Let's make it happen, one Mitzvah at a time!

We are pleased to present the following collection of resources on the Ten Mivtzoim, as well as other Mivtzoim and Takanos launched by the Rebbe. We hope that it will give you the opportunity to learn about the Mivtzoim, and, more importantly, empower you to participate in the Mivtzoim and make an impact on another Yid.

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