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Mivtzoyim Brochures from English | Hebrew | PDF of Brochure


Websites to share to Encourage Jewish Learning:

For a beginner's guide to Judaism click Here

  1. Where do I start? Talk to your local Chabad rabbi about starting your kids off in Jewish studies.

  2. JLI: Experience Jewish Learning Like Never Before, JLI makes Jewish learning accessible & personally meaningful to every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation.

  3. JNET: JNET helps people like you take time out of a busy workweek to explore their Judaism.

  4. Click here to begin a dialogue with a scholar.

For a full list of websites recommended by JNET to begin your Jewish Learning experience click here

Other Resources to share to encourage Jewish Learning:

Every Jew, no matter what age, should have an opportunity to spend at least a few months in a yeshivah. Click here to read more and see your options.

Sign your kids up in Tzivos Hashem. It’s fun and there are lots of prizes. Sign Up Now | Tzivos Hashem Promo Video

Encourage a C-Teener to join CTeenU to take their Jewish education to the next level! | CTeenU Promo Video | Jewish Law School Promo

Articles To Share

Jewish Education: How It Came About and What It Is Meant to Be By Tzvi Freeman

Boost Up the Kids: Jewish Education

Education Day U.S.A. – The Rebbe's vision for education

Three Take-Aways on Jewish Education

Videos To Share

Overview on Mivtza  Chinuch: Rabbi Zalman Fischer


IDEA: Arrange a Proclamation on Education in your town, city or state!

GUIDE: Guide, Ideas & Overview on Mivtza Chinuch for Shluchim - CYP

CLASS: Chinuch = Education or Dedication (prepared and ready to give over) - CYP

Sources, Overview & Guide to Mivtza Chinuch from the CECE Network

Websites created to help in Mivtza Chinuch with resources to help be Mechanech your children in a Chassidishe way: CECE Network | Anash Chinuch

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Teachings of the Rebbe on Chinuch

Chassidic Heritage Series: Principles of Education and Guidance (Green): The Rebbe Rayatz wrote this discourse soon after the founding of the original Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim

The Educator's Handbook: The Torah views one who teaches

Chanoch Lanaar - Ethical Will of the Rashab

HaChinuch V'haMechanech: Combining old-world techniques with modern methodology


Shaarei Chinuch: An impressive presentation of the Lubavitcher Rebbe`s knowledge and insight on the subject of education


Chinuch: The importance of parents giving their children a Jewish education.


Practical Guide to Chasidic Education - French