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  • We are excited to once again offer a curriculum for Chof Beis Shevat.

    The  curriculum is divided into three parts:

    Lesson #1 - suggested time: 15 minutes. Lesson #1's objective is for the students to understand and appreciate why 22 Shevat is relevant and important to each Chossid. The lesson includes several videos to demonstrate this point in addition to talking points (in the Teacher's Guide) to help facilitate the discussion. There is a lot of information included in the Teacher's Guide designed for each teacher to comb through and decide what is appropriate to share with his/her class depending on the students age etc.

    Lesson #2 - suggested time: 3-5 minutes per story, you can choose how many stories to teach and can also split up over several classes. Lesson #2 is 16 stories about the Rebbetzin that each teach a powerful lesson for us to incorporate into our lives. Each story is accompanied by PowerPoint slides and suggested lessons and Horaos to discuss with the class in the Teacher's Guide. We hope that this lesson will enable you to have a beautiful conversation with your class about the Rebbetzin and what we can learn from her.

    Lesson #3 - Practical ideas of ways to mark Chof Beis Shevat from the Rebbe’s Horaos.

    Upon completion of this form, you will receive an email shortly with the links to download. Please download them promptly.

     Please do not share the curriculum with any educators outside of your school. 

  • Suggested donation

  • Much time, resources and efforts went into producing this curriculum. A contribution from your school will help cover the costs and enable production of future curriculums.

    Based on how many students will be benefiting from it and which option you chose, we suggest a contribution between $36 - $200. (We suggest $36-$136 for the shorter version and $50 -$200 for the longer version.) We appreciate your partnership!

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