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Simple Option: Neshek Candle Lighting Kit |

All your Mivtza Neshek needs from 

Candle boxes, guides and more from LetsChalkShabbat; Your one-stop shop for all Mivtza Neshek needs

Candle Sticks:  Candle Sticks |  Hand Blow Glasses |  Shabbos Lamp Oil |  Candle Sticks from Amazon

For Shluchim: Mivtza Neshek Material; Candlestick, candle boxes, brochures, etc from the Shluchim Office |  Mivtzoyim Brochures from the Shluchim Office


Contact the Lubavitch women's candle lighting campaign to receive free Candles for Shabbos

Neshek Cards:  Printable Neshek cards from 70 Years Strong | Shabbos Candles Brochure PDF from Shluchim Office

Share with a friend:  Join the campaign and take a pledge to light Shabbos Candles and receive a free set of candlesticks! -

Social Media 

PR: Text to accompany posts

Cover letter to share with your friends and community about the Mivtza Neshek initiative

From 70 Years Strong: Legion of Light WhatsApp Status picture | 30-Second video from the 70 Years String campaign on Mivtza Neshek - 20 Adar 5749 |  Editable Neshek Signs and Social Media posts designed on Canva

C-Teen Shluchim:  Encourage teens to join the C-Teen Mitzvah Ambassador project and encourage girls to light Shabbos Candles |  Candle lighting sign to edit on Canva from C-Teen 

Videos to share 

Do-it-yourself Shabbos Candle Lighting video

JLI Videos explaining the idea of Shabbos Candles: Equality Learned From a Candle and a Flame | Soul Secrets: Shabbat Candle Lighting Meditation | Predicting the Future - the flame that persevere

Practical Articles to share

Short and well-written overview on how to light Shabbos Candles and why that you can send to a Mekurav

Blessings & Instructions for Shabbos Candles - How to Light Shabbos Candles -

Inspirational and informational Articles to Share 

Shabbos Candles - Feminine Light -

Women's Special Mitzvos - Challah, Family Purity & Hadlakas Neiros - 

A collection of Articles and resources to learn and about and teach the laws and experience of Shabbos (Credit: Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff)

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times

Link to receive Shabbos Candle lighting times anywhere in the world

Download the Shabbos and Yom Tov times app: Google Play | Apple