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The ‘Neshek’ Candle Lighting Campaign -Mrs. Esther Sternberg

Illuminating the world - Mrs. Esther Sternberg

Light up the World! - The Spirit of Shabbat Candles! - Mrs. Esther Sternberg

How did the Rebbe Encourage Women to light Shabbos Candles? - Mrs. Chave Hecht

Mrs Esther Sternberg speaking about the three Mitzvos to every Jewish Women and Mivtza Neshek


Mivtza Neshek 

The Mitzvah Campaign of Shabbat Candles - Mendel Kaplan

SHABBOS CANDLES - Light Up the World (Audio Download) - Rabbi Shais Taub

Lighting Up Our World - Shifra Sharfstein

Strengthen Our Homes an in depth class on the three Mitzvos for every Jewish Women - Rabbi Shais Taub 

Mitvza Neiros Shabbos Kodesh 

JLI: Why do we light Shabbat Candles - Mrs Yael Trusch explains

Secret Power of Jewish Women Exploring Rashi’s commentary on Rivkah’s 3 miracles - Rabbi Ari Shishler

Why Men Make Kiddush and Women Light Shabbat Candles - Rabbi Simon Jacobson

The Awesome Power Of Shabbat Candles - Rabbi Manis Friedman

Why Celebrate Shabbat? - Rabbi Dov Greenberg

Class Neshek Given to Crown Heights High School Girls. (Class is 47 Minutes) - Rabbi Friedman


N'shei Chabad Mivtzoim | Inspiring A World (Updated - 2019)

My Great Grandmother's Secret - Mivtza Neshek

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The Woman’s Miracle - 20 Cheshvan 5735

How One Little Candle Changed a Family - Vov Tishrei 5736

The Women’s three special Mitzvos - 17 Sivan 5740

My Encounter:

My Encounter: A Blessing and a Contribution

My Encounter: Three More Lights

My Encounter: The One Mitzvah That Kept My Kids Jewish 

Eye to Eye:

Did you light Shabbat candles?

Shining Light

Lighting the Shabbos

Make your Mazel Shine