Since in launch during the Seventy Years Strong campaign leading up to Yud Shevat - 70 years "Always Connected" by Vaad Or Vechom has introduced various resources for women's learning events on several topics by now used throughout the year in over seventy communities of women around the world.

learn directly from the Rebbe's Torah in an engaging manner and applicable to our daily life.

 In addition to the prepared material  Vaad Or Vechom has provided communities with many resources to to make the local learning event as beautiful as possible as well as easy to arrange, some of these include:

--List of acclaimed speakers and educators available to facilitate the event
—Beautifully designed flyers and postcards easily customizable with local details
—Vibrant networking with community leaders from around the world 
—Much more

The next round of resources is planned as a hachana to Yud Shevat, stay tuned for details.

 To bring any of the previous events to your community visit the appropriate page.

 For any further question and for sponsorship opportunities please email

See some of the past events in the new: