On Yud Daled Kislev 5739 (1978), the 50th anniversary the Rebbe started the Farbrengen by saying that it is the custom in this and other countries that: In the day of an anniversary, family and friends gather to celebrate and rejoice together…

Celebrate Yud Daled Kislev, 95 years from the Rebbe and Rebbetzin's wedding at the Rebbe's Ohel!

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The Farbrengen, which will begin at 10:00 pm, will be addressed by Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski, Chabad Upper East Side, and Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, Mashpia in 770, and will be emceed by Rabbi Mendel Danow, Chabad Pensacola FL.

Busses to the Ohel:

Busses will depart from the Dreidel at 9:00 pm. More details and full schedule below.