Watching a farbrengen is the best way to re-live Chof Av with the Rebbe.

JEM published three Chof Av farbrengens with subtitles in Yiddish, English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.

Yeshivos, communities, shluchim, and high schools often screen part of or a complete farbrengen leading up to a yomei d'pagra. Experience has shown that putting in effort in the preparation and set-up of the event has a great affect. Click here for a collection of tips (geared to a yeshiva environment).

We have collected resources available for these farbrengens, prepared by the Vaad Hatmimim.

Click here to watch Rabbi Tzvi Grunblat explain the importance of watching a farbrengen of the Rebbe.


Chof Av 5731

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Sichos Kodesh Hanacha
Toras Menachem Hanacha
Living Torah clips

Chof Av 5732

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Video -

Sochos Kodesh Hanacha
Toras Menachem Hanacha Part One, Part TwoPart Three
English hanacha

kitzur in english 

Chof Av 5745

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Living Torah clips
English hanacha
Yiddish Hanacha
Toras Menachem Hancha