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"דור השביעי" curriculum is an engaging experience for children to foster a deeper understanding of the need for a Rebbe, and the relevance the Rebbe plays in their everyday life.

 We have prepared two 45 minute lesson's, each one will cover one of the above topics, and include:

  • Detailed Teacher’s Guide
  • Animated Video
  • Interactive Activity
  • Short Video Clips of the Rebbe speaking about the topic
  • PowerPoint Presentation to accompany the lesson

Each lesson will have a few short 5-8 minute follow-up lesson to continue expounding on that week’s topic and different “Missions” for students to do in relation to the lesson. This can be especially helpful for schools that have more time and will teach each lesson during another week.

 After signing up you will IYH receive a email with the material within a few hours. 

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