In honor of 11 Nissan 5779, JEM has published the video of 11 Nissan 5733, the Rebbe's 71st birthday. 

This marks the first time the Rebbe farbrenged on Yud Alef Nissan in a "non-milestone" year. The Rebbe discusses several interesting topics, including the various stages in the Times of Moshiach and the proper reponse to the Holocaust. The Rebbe also addresses the campaign he started the year earlier — to establish 71 new institutions

Attached you'll find resources to help with the viewing including:


  • A booklet with the full hanacha (transcript) of the Farbrengen in Yiddish, which divides each sicha into subsections, and includes concise summaries and pointers of the sichos, and questions for review.
  • A customizable sign announcing the event. (To have this sign customized your community for $25, please email